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Specializes In Providing Its Clients With Full Service Accounting, Tax Preparation And Audit Representation Logistical Solutions.

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Service And Specialized Staff Spell The Difference Between Our Outstanding Performance, And Other Firms.

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Is To Be Available To Provide Insightful Advice To Enable Our Clients To Make Informed Financial Decisions. We Do Not Accept Anything Less From Ourselves And This Is What We Deliver To You.

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Enrique G. Enriquez, E.A.


Enrique “Ricky” Enriquez is the President and founder of E.G. Enriquez & Co., Inc., d/b/a TAX CORNER, forming the company in 1987 alongside wife Maria “Daisy” Espinoza – Enriquez.  Ricky has over 27 years of experience in the field of taxation.

Maria Daisy Enriquez, E.A.

Master Tax Specialist, CFO

Maria “Daisy” Espinoza – Enriquez co-founded Tax Corner along with husband Enrique Enriquez. But despite being one of the two founders of the company which started operating in 1987, Daisy only became involved with the company full time in 1996, at that point in time already armed with a highly improved business management skills after years of experience working for many different reputable companies.

Maria Daisy Enriquez, E.A.

Master Tax Specialist, CFO

Elno Rivera works as a Tax Specialist for Tax Corner. 2014 marks Elno’s thirteen solid years as one of Tax Corner’s many specialists in the different aspects of tax and accounting management, which the company specializes in.

Starting January 1, 2015, Elno will be the  Branch Operations Manager of the newly acquired  H&R Block Franchise office at 13 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ.

Teresa Tabuzo

Administrative Staff